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FOL NO.: 17145
Type: A multi-purpose fishing trawler of WKR-25 type. // Hull structure and forecastle made of steel, deckhouse made of aluminium alloy.
Classification: The vessel is to be built according to the International Class Society.
Dimensions: Loa: 25.0 m. /L.b.p.:22.0 m. W: 7.4 m. D: 4.0 m. /Draught: 3.0 m.
Engine room: Caterpillar 3412 DI-T of 375 kW (503 HP) at 1800 rpm and reduction-reversing gearbox Twin Disc MG-518 of 6:1 ratio.
Propulsion set drives a fixed pitch propeller, housed in a Kort nozzle through a shaft line.
A power take-off of ratio 1:1

(Generating set is installed in the engine room, consisting of diesel engine type Caterpillar 3304 and an AC generator of 106 kVA, 3x380 V, 50Hz rated output.)

Bollard pull at main engine continuous revolutions 1800 rpm and declutched trawl winch drive is 8 tons.

Free cruising speed on trials on a measure mile in quiet water, wind force up to 3 B, sea state up to 2, vessel loaded with 50% stocks of fuel oil and fresh water, with empty hold and trawl winch drive disconnected, is 9 knots.
Cargo capacity: Hold and Tanks:
Refrigerated Hold 110 m3
Fuel Oil tanks 103 m3
Fresh Water tank 21.3 m3
Lubricating Oil tank 0.9 m3

Refrigerating plant cap.:
Maintain temperature of -20C in the fish hold.
Freeze totally 4 tonnes per 24 hours of fish and shrimps; product temperature after freezing: -15C.
Deck equipment: Deck equipment consists of the following main item:
Electro-hydraulic steering gear
2 anchors, 180 kgs each
Mooring equipment
Hatchways and Manholes
Rescue equipment
Fire fighting equipment

Fishing deck equipment:
1x Trawl Winch
1x Mast with outriggers, for main nets trawling
1x A-shaped derrick
2x Trawl gallows, mounted aft
2x Gallow line roller

The deck fishing equipment installed on board the trawler enables catches to be carried through in up to 200 m deep water. (Catches are stored in the hold in - 20C temperature)
Accommodation: A complement of 12 persons can be accommodated.
Electronic equipment: Radio-communication equipment: SSB radiotelephone // VHF radiotelephone.

Navigation devices: Colour Video Sounder - 10 - 1280 m // Marine Radar of range 0.25 - 48 Nm // Compass // Autopilot // Satellite Navigation Receiver.

Signalling devices: Set of signal-position lanterns // Electric signal whistle // Magnetic Compass // Ship Bell // Searchlight of 1000 W power // Set of signal marks.
Misc: * Fishing and navigation region: The trawler assigned to operate in tropical conditions of:
Ambient air temperature 45C // Sea water temperature: 35C // Air humidity: 95 %