Floating Crane

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FOL NO.: 16767
Type: Steel Floating Crane
Built: 2013 The Netherland
Classification: SE inspection of 2013.
Dimensions: Loa: 40.00 m W: 11.80 m D: 2.50 m
Engine room: An Caterpillar C27 (2800HP) dieselengine give the power to 4 hydropumps. These pumps drives the crane components for hoisting/luffing and slewing. Hoisting speed 105 m/min
Cabin can easily up and down by 2 hydro cilinders.
Thrusters: DAF Bowthruster 200HP / 360 degree rotation.
Deck equipment: The crane is built by PLM cranes in the Netherlands. Hoisting capacity is 12 tons up to 27 meters reach on grabduty and 24 tons on general duty. Type 1227, year of built 2017. Equipted as four rope grabcrane with 38 long jib. / For winches are placed on deck to shift along side shore or vessels. These winches are electric driven with two step motors (5 and 7,5 kW/ 12000h each). So there is a slow run and a fast run. Two winches are equipted with two drums and two with one drum. Pullforce 5 tons. / Below deck we find two Perkins generators. One 30 kVA and one 75 kVA. Both in use for electric power for the pontoon. (The crane has his own engine.) Also below deck there are two fuelbunkers, capacity 16 m3 each. storage for spare parts and tools, the engineroom with 200 HP bowthruster. Driven by a DAF dieselmotor. Accumulators for emergency power, water heater, 7m3 watertank and deckwashpump.
Accommodation: There is an accommodation on deck. One part for the crew with airconditioning, open kitchen, toilet, bathroom with shower and two bedrooms. The other part of the accommodation is in use as workplace and suitable as garage for two skidsteerloaders
Misc: For grab duty there are 6 grabs. 1 closed grab of 13 m3, one closed grab of 10,5 m3, one closed grab of 9 m3, one closed grab of 7,5 m3, one open grab of 3,5 m3 and one trimming grab of 2m3. / Per hour the crane discharge 750 tons/h with grains/ sand or fertilizers.