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FOL NO.: 16616
Type: Wooden Pleasure Fishing Vessel
Built: 1960 by Brdr. Lauridsen, Esbjerg, Denmark - The building material is oak on oak ie. oak planks on oak frames - Originally the vessel was built for trawling in the North Sea but was converted to charter sailing in 1987
Classification: DMA - The vessels is approved for sailing with a maximum of 30 passengers and within 20 miles from the nearest coast within the lines Skagen Vinga and west of 16 Deg. E in the Baltic Sea and along the west coast of Jutland, Denmark in GMDSS Sea Area A1
Dimensions: Loa: 19.35 m W: 5.50 m D: 2.80 m
Tonnage: 51.71 GRT - 19.29 NRT
Engine room: 162 kW SCANIA DS 11 main engine - Max. speed: 9.5 knots
Deck equipment: The vessel is equipped with a deck house with seating for approx. 12 passengers
Accommodation: Below deck are seating and there are 12 berths
Misc: On day trips the vessel can carry up to 30 passengers and on night trips the vessel can carry up to 12 passengers for an overnight stay