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FOL NO.: 16822
Type: Steel Guard / Research Vessel
Built: in 1955 by SCHEEPSWERF DE DAGERAAD - WOUBRUGGE, NL // Converted in 2003
Classification: DNV +1A1 E0 // Trade area: European A1 – A2
Dimensions: Loa: 43.67 m. /L.m.p. 38.81 m. W: 7.00 m. D: 3.80 m.
Tonnage: 448 GT
Engine room: Main Engine: Alpha 408 – 24 – V0, 750 Hp
Propeller: Helseth 4-blades.
Aux. Engines: 440V generator driven by main engine
Ford 55 kW

Max Speed: 11,5 knots (consumption 3,5 t/24 h)
Economical Speed: 9,0 knots (consumption 1,1 t/24 h)
Thrusters: Schottel. Aft 250 Hp. Forward 200 HP. (Deutz Engine for aft. Thrusters.)
Cargo capacity: Fuel Oil Capacity: 39 ton
Fresh Water Capacity: 15 ton
Fresh Water Production: 6 ton pr. 24 hours.
Sewage Tank: 4 ton
IOPP Tank: 1 ton
Deck equipment: Anchor Equipment According to Class.
Deck Crane: Ferrari
1 pc. Weedo 17 mob boat with 70 Hk Johnson
2 pcs. Life rafts, 6 men
Accommodation: The vessel has several rooms, today it is beds for 10 persons, and this can easily be modified to 20 persons. There are classrooms for 39 persons.
Galley and mess room can serve 20 persons.
Satellite television is mounted in mess room.
The wheelhouse is arranged with 360º view.
Due to a new modern four blades propeller there is minimal noise and vibration in the accommodation.
Electronic equipment: Search light: Sematiz
Radar: Racal Decca C181-4 with Arpa
JRC JMB 5100. with Arpa
Map machine: Maris 400 ECDIS 900
Simrad RDN50 OPPG
GMDSS VHF: Sailor VHF-DSC 3000
Sailor VHF-DSC 9000
Sailor Compact VHF-RT-2047
Sailor Compact VHF-RT-2048
GMDSS HF/MF: Skanti DSC Controller – Receiver DSC 9000
Skanti HF-SSB Radio System TRP 8000
Sailor compact receiver R-2022
GPS Navigator: Koden KGR-98
Furuno GP-32
Echo sonder: Skipper colour ES1080
Autopilot: AP-45
SAAB: AIS GPS Positioning system
Furuno: Navtex Receiver NX-500
Sailor: Watchkeeping receiver
Sailor: Inmarsat – C Transceiver H2095B
Fire alarm: Siemens GERBUS
Portable VHF: 2 pcs. Ikon 1C 11 Eurov.
Fire alarm system: Cerberus AlgoRex
Printer/fax/scanner: Oki fax 4580
Printer: Canon 5750
Telephone: 1 pc. Panasonic fax telephone
1 pc. telephone central with connection to cell phones
Satellite Iridium telephone with email.
Email also by mobile 3G net w/external maritime antenna
2 pcs. portable phones type Siemens
Bridge watch alarm: SAEL
TV: Satellite-TV in mess room and some cabins
VSAT system for internet and telephone
Misc: * Minimum safe manning: 4 crew
* The vessel is, due to it’s special arrangement, suitable for a lot of tasks
such as: Mother ship for mini sub. (ROV). Watch ship/seismic support/chase Expeditions. School ship. Supply ship. Operations with oil cleaning equipment. Diving ship.