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FOL NO.: 17142
Built: 2019
Classification: Bureau Veritas
Dimensions: Loa: 22.0 m W: 9.0 m. D: 2.85 m.
Engine room: 2x 500 BHP @ 1950 RPM Heavy Duty rating Engines are driving 2x 4-blade FPP with nozzles, approximately 1150 mm. diameter, through about 4.0:1 ratio reduction gearboxes, dry exhaust type. /
AUX: 2x about of 77 kW 380v AC 3 phase Main Generators Classification Society´s approved. Power in accordance with the Power analysis BV approved. /
Cargo capacity: Deck Workshop Area: 80 m2. /
Deck Load: 3 t/m2. /
Fuel: about 34 m3. /
Fresh Water: about 0,5 m3. /
Cargo Fresh Water: about 2x 18 m3. /
Ballast Water: about 48 m3.
Deck equipment: 1x Crane (90 ton.). /
10ft - 20ft - 30ft - 40ft - container sockets will be installed on the deck. /
Accommodation: 3 - 5 Persons in 4 cabins.
Electronic equipment: ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: 220/380 VAC 50Hz and 24 VDC. There will be appropriate number of 220 VAC electrical sockets on the bridge as many as possible. /

ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT: In accordance in BV rules + requirements for different services notations. /

COMMUNICATIONS & NAVIGATION SYSTEMS: In accordance in BV rules + requirements for different services notations. /
1x Maine Radar (24 miles). /
1x Echo-sounder. /
Rudder, propeller, thrust, pitch and operational mode indicators, or other means, to determine and display rudder angle, propellers revolution, the force and direction of thrust, (if necessary to control the direction, direction and thrust of the vessel). /
A daylight signaling lamp, or other means, to communicate by light during day and night using an energy source of electrical power not solely dependent upon the ship’s power supply (or electric lamp allow preventing the transmission of Morse signals). /
1x GPS. /
1x VHF. /
1x VHF Class A+antena. /
1x Auto Pilot. /
Standard Magnetic Compass Class A. /
A pelorus or compass bearing device. /
A radar reflector to enable detection by ships navigating by radar at both 9 and 3 GHz. / Means of correcting heading and bearing to true at all times. /
A receiver for a global navigation satellite system suitable for use at all time throughout the intended voyage to established and update the ship’s position by automatic means./
Nautical charts and nautical publications, (if partly or fully fulfilled by electronic means, backup arrangements) (The Buyer’s supply). /
Second compass (reserve). /
GMDSS portable (hand VHF) (if needed). /
AIS with pilot plug + GPS antenna. /
Talk back system control unit 5 lines (Engine Room, Wheelhouse, Steering Gear Room, Main Deck and Mess Room) + wall mounted indoor speaker + horn speaker.

Misc: The complete hull construction will meet the requirements of the Classification Society - Bureau Veritas. /
All pantry Equipment will have the capacity for 6 persons. /