NEW BUILDING - Multi-function Boat

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FOL NO.: 17130
Type: NEW BUILDING - Multi-function all weather aluminium boat with a number of potential uses including: Work Boat for windmill farms and fish farms, Tourism travelling and diving, Environmental defense, Fishing protection, Transporting small cargo, Small evacuations from flooded areas, Coast Guard operations, Towing oil spill boom devices, Firefighting, Frontier guard, Military and Police.
Dimensions: Loa: 07.19 m W: 2.50 m D: 0.35 m Draft
Misc: With a length of 7.20 m, a width of 2.50 m and side height of 1 m the boat has an all welded non-painted light weight hull made from non-corrosive aluminium magnesium fusion. The boat weighs just 1300 kg and has a self-draining deck with a perforated non-slippery surface. It has an unsinkable hull with 6 dry watertight bottom tanks and 4 watertight tanks below the gunwhale over the waterline in the middle of the boat on both sides. Loading and unloading is provided via a hydraulic or mechanical ramp from the front of the boat. The ramps width is 1500 mm. The region of sailing according to European classification is C, coastal sailing. The semi-covered wheelhouse with hard top has three panoramic windows and is situated on the centre line. The dismountable fuel tank has a capacity of 250 ltr. There is potential for mounting 2 overboard engines with a total of 400 BHP or a permanent engine with water jet reaching a max speed of 35 knots - THIS BOAT CAN BE DELIVERED AS A HULL ONLY OR AS A FULLY EQUIPPED BOAT AND VARIATIONS ON HULL CONSTRUCTION AND EQUIPMENT ACCORDING TO CUSTOMERS WISHES IS POSSIBLE. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR FURTHER INFORMATION!