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FOL NO.: 13232
Type: Steel Twin Screw Conventional Tug
Built: 1980 Richards, Lowestoft, UK
Classification: DNV GL 100A5 Tug MC (GMDSS Trading Area: A3 Worldwide Trade)
Dimensions: Loa: 33.24 m. W: 9.75 m. D: Draft: 4.90 m. / Max Draft Aft: 4.70 m.
Tonnage: 366.0 GT / 109.0 NT
Engine room: Ruston 6RKCM: 2x 1410 BHP
Aux. Engines: 3x Gardner 6LXB
Propulsion: 2x CPP in Kort nozzles
Speed Consumption: 10 knots @ 5 cubm per 24 h without tow.
Bollard Pull: 41.1 ton
(Type/Grade of Fuel: MGO <0.1% sulphur content)
Cargo capacity: Fuel Capacity: 154.0 m3
Deck equipment: Towing Equipment:
Tow Winch: Donkin Hydraulic Winch
Tow Wire: 750 m of Ø 44mm steel wire
Spare Wire: 750 m of Ø 44 mm steel wire
Stern Roller: Yes
Towing Pins: Hydraulic Towpins
Deck Crane: Yes
MOB Boat: Yes
Aux. Equipment: Hook, Bridle Winch, FIFI