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FOL NO.: 17148
Type: Aluminum Catamaran
Built: After signing the contract to be delivered in 10 - 12 months
Classification: Vessel is BV classed. Design to comply with all Flag, IACS, IMO & local regulations.
Dimensions: Loa: 34.0 m W: 11.2 m D: /Draft: 1.7 m
Tonnage: DWT 50 ton
Engine room: Hybrid diesel-electric/ESS engine: Hamilton EHX system
Min. Speed: 25 knots
Cargo capacity: M.G.O: 35 ton
Deck cargo: 15 ton
Deck Area: 60+35 m2
Container (10” ISO) allowing for secure and optimal storage of containers to be fitted.
Sufficient space for 4x10” ISO or 2 x 20» ISO on fwd deck.
Accommodation: Total capacity: 29 PAX
Seats: 24 passengers/IP’s
Five (5) Single crew cabins, 2 with private shower/WC and 3 with common shower/WC.
Crew and Technician Seating lounges and one mess/pentry.
Electronic equipment: Power Management System (PMS) and 400V 50 Hz / 230V 50 Hz
Shore connection for 32A, 400V AC, 50Hz, 3Ph.