• fter 18 months of cooperation between the offices in Haugesund and Esbjerg and then also gradually incorporating offices in both Hamburg and Aberdeen, we are now pleased to announce that all four offices are being rebranded to Hagland Shipbrokers. All offices in the group will share the same visual identity, e-mail and web page.


  • We are delighted and proud to announce that experienced shipbrokers Des Hart and Yul Thomson through their existing Aberdeen-based shipbroking company, have entered into a cooperation agreement with RG Hagland Shipbrokers. The Aberdeen company will be renamed to Hagland Offshore UK Ltd., and will work closely with the shipbrokers in Haugesund, Esbjerg and Hamburg with immediate effect.

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  • Vattenfall and North Sea Hagland Shipbrokers have signed a framework agreement for the provision of various Shipbroker services for Vattenfall´s offshore wind farms. The primary purpose of the framework agreement is to meet the high demands on vessels for Vattenfall´s offshore wind farm projects and to provide Vattenfall with services in offshore contractor sourcing.


  • North Sea Hagland Shipbrokers ApS (“North Sea”) of Esbjerg, Denmark, and NSH-Shipbrokers GmbH (“NSH”) of Hamburg, Germany, announced today that they are combining their resources. The acquisition will strengthen the services offered to clients.


  • Mr. Orla Fjord Torbensen have passed a milestone with 1000 vessels sold. The vessel no 1000 was a vessel sold from Sweden to Iran. North Sea Shipbrokers are very proud of this achievement and looking forward for the next milestone.


Hagland Shipbrokers have supported maritime projects worldwide since 1976. We offer comprehensive and dedicated service for the successful implementation of your long-term maritime business plan that needs a partner with a clear and realistic strategy.

Key succes factors
  In shipping since 1976
•   Clear allocation and guidance of duties and targets between the partners.
•   Seamless cooperation between partners to achieve the joined targets.
•   Transfer and development of relevant engineering know-how for
     turn-key solutions.
•   Cost efficiency.
•   Optimised balance of short response times and long-term planning for
     new projects.


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