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OFFshore and ONshore Services

Hagland Shipbrokers is a leading and highly recognized shipbroker house with a global footprint since 1975. 
We offer Agency services, Offshore supply, Shipyard agents worldwide, Decommissioning projects.


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Docking and Repair Facilities

North Sea Shipbrokers has for more than 30 years provided a complete range of shipbrokering and advisory service to our clients such as Oil companies, Contractors and Ship-owners worldwide. With our extensive experience and know-how in the technical aspect of the shipping industry we constantly aim to facilitate negotiations and add value to our Clients. 

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Port Agency Service - Esbjerg Denmark

We offer a dedicated service to Ship Owners and Operators as well as to Charterers.
Our highly experienced team is dedicated to achieve the best possible turnaround of your vessel.
In doing so, we provide around the clock service based on personal attention, accurate and timely communication.
Years of close co-operation with Owners, Shippers/Receivers and local authorities enables us to give a smooth and effective service to ship owners and their vessels.

Ship Declaration · Provisions supply · Fuel Supply · Fresh water · Repair jobs · Waste · Marine Spare

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Decommissioning of Offshore structures and units

North Sea Shipbrokers offer vessel support services to complete challenging decommissioning projects.
Removal of offshore installations such as turbines, foundations, topsides, jackets, pipelines and subsea structures. 
Logistics issues associated with the entire decommissioning scope.

Scrapping and Recycling.




Outsource your steel production to cheaper countries. We have 25 years’ experience in outsourcing.

Ship Constructions · Wind Turbines · Foundations · Alu Constructions · Parts

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