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FOL NO.: 17141
Built: 2019
Classification: Vessel to be build according to specifications stability calculations to be certified by the yard.
Dimensions: Loa: abt. 07.99 m. W: abt. 04.00 m. D: abt. 02.24 m.
Tonnage: To be defined when detailed drawing is provided.
Engine room: DOOSAN 230 BHP. /
Hydraulic power take out, type to be defined for equipment. /
GearBox: Dong I, red. 3,46:1 with PTO and trolling valve. /
Oil Cooler. /
Cooling of engine by keel cooling. /
FP Propeller to be fitted to the vessel.
Thrusters: Electric Bow Truster to be installed.
Cargo capacity: FISH HOLD:
Insulated with foam in both hull sides, and top. /
Bilge pump in hold.
Deck equipment: MAIN DECK:
One Access door for engine room from main deck. /
Outside doors and hatches to be in aluminium. /
One aluminium hatch for fish hold. /
Connectors for hydraulic equipment in front, middle and rear of the vessel. /
Hydraulic power take out on gear box.

Accommodation: Cabins with beds for 2 (two) crew members (Accommodation to be insulated for cold whether climate). /
1x toilet and bathroom. /
Galley for cooking and washing. Cooker will be delivered by the Buyer and installed by the Builder. /
Accommodation fitted with couch and table for crew members.
Electronic equipment: All lights to be in LED:
1x Stern Light. /
1x Top Light. /
2x Read Signal Lights. /
1x Green Light. /
1x White Light. /
1x Green Starboard Light. /
1x Read Port light. /
1x Search Light 500 watt, 12 volt. /
1x Bow Light 500 watt, 12 volt.

4x GEL Batteries, 200 amp., start/consumption batteries with switch for emergency connection. /
1x Shore connection, 230 volt. /
1x 12/120/5000 amp. Inventer/charger. /
1x Fan including fire dampers. /
Fire alarms will be fitted. /
1x Switchboard for shore connection and power distribution. /
Alarm for high water in engine room to be fitted. /
1x Magnetic Compass. /
Teleflex push-pull cable to be provided.

Fish finder transducer to be installed by the builder (supplied by the buyer)