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FOL NO.: 15498
Built: Gdansk 2017, Remontowa Shipbuilding yard.
Classification: DNV +1A1/ General cargo/container/PC6/ EO / Tmon / Naut-Aw/DG-p / Bis / Clean / BMW-T / Dat (-35⁰ C).
Dimensions: Loa: 74.20 m. W: 15.20 m. D: 4.00 m. / Depth 8.40 m.
Tonnage: DWT 2890mt.
Engine room: MAIN ENGINE:
MAN 2040kw @ 800rpm. / Shaft line with propeller: 1x CPP, ø2,6 m, MAN Diesel&Turbo VBS 940 Mk 5. /
Main 2x 480 kW, Scania Nordhavn Genset GASI 16-05. / Emergency/harbour 1 x 217 kW, Scania Nordhavn Genset GASI 09-07. /
Shaft Generator: MAN Diesel&Turbo, SE 400 LL4. / Anchor mooring winches: Hatlapa, E-Comb.-SD, 40mm K3/80kN. / Mooring winches: Hatlapa, 2 single mooring winches 80 (M1, M2). /
Speed 12,5 knots.
Thrusters: Bow thruster: 1x 400 kW, Scana Volda CPT 1.25. / Stern thruster: 1x 300 kW, Scana Volda CPT 1.0.
Cargo capacity: Cargo Handling Area - The forward cargo hold area is designed as a Cargo Handling Area with two tweendecks (deck A & B) installed, and located in the same vertical height as bottom of 9`6 containers (T84 & T86). This for enabling forklift and other cargo handling equipment enter into the containers, when stowed in front of the handling area in T84 & T86. Tanktop (deck C) also is intended to be used for the same purpose. All tweendecks (A,B,C) equipped with hatches enabling cargo handling independently from the main cargo hold hatches. Tweendecs with total hight/thickness of apx. one feet, enabling 20 feet (8`6) to be stowed under the closed tweendeck. Cargo cranes are able to deliver and extract pallet cages with apx. 8 pallets, to and from tanktop and tweendecks in this handling area. Flooring protected with special antiskid coating. The deck from frame 84 and fore enabled for operation with two axle 4 wheel forklifts. /
Fuel Oil: 324m3. / Fresh Water: 37m3. / Water Ballast: 1289m3. / Lubricating Oil: 14m3. / Miscellaneous Oil: 30m3. / Miscellaneous Water 54m3.
Deck equipment: 2x Liebherr cranes CBW 45t. @ 18.6m ST, CBW 25t. @ 19.8m. / Cargo hatches: TTS Marine GmbH, Hatch cover nr 1 – 1285-01, Hatch cover nr 2 – 1286-01. / Stores/Man-riding crane Global Davit GmbH Bes. 12mt. @ 1.8-4.5m. /
Gangway access control system – camera with motion detection, integrated with alarm system.
Accommodation: 16 crew in single cabins and seating for 12 day passengers. / Crew and passenger areas all with Bahnhoff equipment.
Electronic equipment: Common standard voltage systems: 400 Volts, 3-phase 50 Hz, AC. / 230 Volts, 3-phase or 1-phase, 50 Hz, AC 24. / Volts DC. / CCTV: Wiska. / Electronic code lock: Garda/Skalmex. / Anti-heeling system: Iron pump automatically operated. / Integrated ship control: Lyngsoe system (ISPS). / Reefer container monitoring Emerson Climate system: Implemented system of temperature control for reefer containers, that can be carried both inside of cargo holds and on hatch covers. / Fire detection system: Elecom Mastertech. / Automatic remote sounding: Emerson system. / Radionavigation: SAM Electronic/Lyngsoe. / Internal communication: Lyngsoe. / Central clock system: SAM Electronic/Lyngsoe. / V-SAT system: Furuno. / Dynamic Positioning system: Lyngsoe. / Computer network: Alphatron Marine.
Misc: Integrated Ship Control (ISCS) handle all processes in the underlying systems:
A maneuvering system for the propulsion machinery. To secure automatic distribution of loads and overload protection. (May be integrated in the ISCS). /
Power Management System (PMS) with interface to ISCS. /
Maintenance System for planning of maintenance (hour meters connected). /
Failure detection system with remote diagnosis of failures with registration in PMS and underlying systems. /
TV monitoring with interface to ISCS. /
Data logging for monitoring and use in a “Black Box”. /
Electronic control of access. /
Paging system. /
Automatic logging of machine and maneuvering data.