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FOL NO.: 16841
Type: The vessel is constructed in accordance with standby rules as follows: DMA as standby /rescue vessel for 110 survivors.
Built: 1962 (Upgrated 1983 and 2013)
Classification: BV
Dimensions: Loa: 34.13 m. W: 6.6 m. D: /Draught: 3.3 m.
Tonnage: 217 GT / 65 NT / 95.8 mts DWT
Engine room: Scania diesel 6 cyl (365 HP @ 277 kW)
Prop.: Hundested CCP
Gear: Finöy
AUX: 1x Scania diesel 6 cyl. (249 HP)
Generators: 1 independent diesel driven 90 KVA generators + 135 KVA
Speed: Approx 10 kn / approx 2500 ltrs. gasoil per day. Standby approx. 500 ltrs gasoil per day.
Thrusters: Holland Roer propeller ratractable azimuth thruster 163 HP // Stern thruster 75HP
Cargo capacity: Fuel: 38.8 m3 // Portable Water: 27.1 m3 (transfer pump capacity 20 m3 lifting height 40 m)
Deck equipment: Rescue Crane: H.M.F. hydraulic 18 t/m high speed marine crane, allows hoisting speeds up to 50 m per min. Fitted with hydraulic overload security system. /
"Seaclow" S.A.V.E. harpoon system //
Fire fighting capability with 1 water monitor, capacity 75 m3/h, throwing height 30 m and 1 water monitor capacity 50 m3/h //
Searchlights - 1x 5000 W with remote control and 2x 250 W/ 24 V hand operated //
Towing hook.

Free operational area on forecastle approved by the Royal Danish Airforces Rescue Coordination Centre.
Accommodation: 1 x 2 berths available for charterer
Electronic equipment: 380 V AC - 220 V AC - 24 V DC
1x portable GPS
1x Kelvin Hughes Radar
Echo Sounder
Autopilot with Watchalarm
VHF direction finder
Gyro Compass
Magnetic Compass

SSB Transmitter
1x SSB Receiver
3x VHF Radiotelephones
2x VHF GMDSS portable radiotelephones
Standart C Satelite telex
GSM mobile telephone
1x portable 9 Hz Radar transponder
Epirb 406 Mhz
3x portable VHF emergency beacons
Navtex receiver
IP phone
Iridium Sat. telephone